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About CUC Residential, LLC
CUC Residential, LLC (CUCR) helps residential customers save money on their utility bills. Our parent company, Commercial Utility Consultants, Inc. (CUC) has worked with thousands of corporate clients, including some of the most prominent corporations in the United States since 1975. We have alliances with all major licensed Energy Suppliers allowing us to offer our customers the most competitive rates! CUCR’s proprietary auction platform produces the absolute best electric/gas rates for our customers. When Suppliers Compete… You Win!

We are not an alternative energy company—we are consultants. We can guide you through the energy choice process and help you make the right decision. We offer a solid background with decades of experience in utility consulting. Many of our employees are ex-utility company employees so they know the “ins” and “outs” of complex utility rates. Utility costs have risen faster than most other expenses and today more than ever before, home owners are looking for ways to cut energy costs. CUC Residential, LLC takes pride in finding the absolute best rates for its customers with the outlook of saving them money and building a long-term relationship.

Energy deregulation can be confusing, and the reality is not to many people have switched to an alternate supplier because they don’t know who to switch to or who they can trust. CUC Residential, LLC can help facilitate the education of energy choice. There are NO hidden costs, NO upfront charges, and NO monthly fees; what we have to offer is a great opportunity for you to save money. Please check out the alternative suppliers we offer under “Getting Started” and start saving money today!
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CUC Residential is an official business partner with Commercial Utility Consultants.